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Blomst begins

It all began with an envelope of flower seeds late in the summer of 2020. I spent the spring and summer toiling over raised beds of vegetables, wondering early on in the pandemic if we would have to feed ourselves solely from our land. Thankfully, that never came to be, and as the days started to grow a little shorter, I planted a single row of tiny Bachelor Button (aka cornflower) seeds. They were for my grandma, because she loves blue. They grew and blossomed a bit, went to sleep for the winter, and came roaring back to life. They are still blooming their hearts out today, almost a year later. It all began with this dirt, a single packet of seeds, and a dream. I want to always remember these humble beginnings. The frosted ground in March. The windy, rainy spring day I marked out the pasture to till. The neighbor's sheep who watched me work and seemed to say, "Yes. Of course! You can do this."


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