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I love questions

  • What does "blomst" mean?"
    Blomst (pronounced like "blow-mst" is Norwegian for flower! I come from Norwegian and Swedish ancestry and my farm is in Poulsbo aka "Little Norway".
  • How long have you been growing flowers?
    Since I was a child, gardening has always been a passion. But this is my first year growing flowers on a larger scale. I'm still micro, but mighty!
  • Where are you located? Can I visit the farm?
    I live on Bainbridge Island and am trialing some growing space here on our woodland property. I forage for greenery and shade-loving plants for my bouquets. The main flower farm is located in Poulsbo, on my family's property, my childhood home. At this time, farm visits are not possible. But we're working on some fun events including U-pick in the future! Stay tuned.
  • I want to learn how to garden. Can you help me?
    I'm an enthusiast who loves nothing more than connecting with other growers, flower lovers, and wannabe farmers. Let's hang out!
  • Special Events? Weddings? Elopements?
    I would love to flower for your special party or event! Please contact me for custom arrangements, including bud vases for tables, etc. At this time, I'm not reserving weddings, but I would be happy to provide you with a large bucket of blooms for a DIY wedding/elopement.
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