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Amazing Parrot Tulip bulbs
  • One of the very best parrot-style tulips and the only one I'm growing on my farm this year because it's just that amazing. Shades of orange and magenta, opening up into a dazzling animal of a tulip. Direct from Holland. 


    Plant now through January, as long as the ground is workable (not frozen,) you can plant!


    Local pick-up only, on Bainbridge Island, starting Friday, Dec. 22, 2023


    **Due to arrive at my farm the week of 12/18/23**


    10 premium bulbs.


    Local pick-up/delivery only. No shipping at this time.


    (Photo credit/rights The Tulip Workshop)

    Amazing Parrot Tulip bulbs

    • Your bulbs will be available for local pick-up beginning Friday, Dec. 22 at my home on Bainbridge Island.